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Wealth Management Services

Our strategies are actively managed and based on fundamental and quantitative criteria, dedicated to find the best investment opportunities for investors. Our investment process enables us to be patient and well prepared to invest in a disciplined and decisive way in financial markets, based on our trading rules.

Our asset selection consists of quality companies, able to outperform, belonging to sectors and industry groups which we believe will do better than the overall market. High conviction is a result of the sum of positive signals we receive from quantitative and fundamental research.

Cash Management

Clients with a short time horizon due to upcoming investments or a low-risk appetite benefit from fiduciary services and capital protected notes from a variety of issuers.

Advisory Mandates

Clients who wish to be advised by us but wish to be also actively involved in the decision forming process, may choose an advisory mandate, so we can implement their values and assets allocations strategy together, leaving the ultimate decision to them.

Discretionary Mandates

Clients who choose to leave the asset management decisions to us, may choose from a variety of different Discretionary Mandates for resembling their performance appetite.

Execution Only Mandates

We open our banking platforms for experienced professionals, who wish to profit from our network in combination with our administrational support in the areas like tax reporting and consolidation services.

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Maximum Flexibility 

Through our dynamic allocation process, we are able to react quickly to changing market trends, protecting our clients' assets by being able to hold cash.

Stringent Risk Management

Our priority is always our clients' asset security. Portfolios are administered with a stringent risk management and according to the ever-changing economic environment.


Being ourselves in Wealth Management for generations enables us to advise our clients with a clear focus on the generations to come. Furthermore, our personal and family assets are invested in the same manner as our clients' assets.


As we do not need to be always invested, we can wait with patience until a setup emerges and act with decisiveness and conviction when proper circumstances present themselves.

Cost Reduction

Through our long-term relationships with our custodians, our clients get the best deal on the market. Our clients profit from a superior setup at lower costs, saving on custody and transaction fees.


Our rule-based investment process enables us to screen markets and sectors efficiently and allocate positions mathematically.
We invest based on relative, quantitative and qualitative criteria, eliminating emotional decision making.

Open Architecture

Our multi-banking portfolio system and our open product shelf enables us to choose the best products for our clients. Our independence allows us to objectively select the best managers in the markets.

Multi-Banking System

Our multi-banking portfolio system enables our clients to always have an easy access and control of their holdings while we manage for them also other related personal and corporate matters. 

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