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Risk - Disclaimer

Clavis Partners Ltd is registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Zurich under number CHE-444.144.043

By accessing Clavis Partners Ltd the website and its links to the World Wide Web, you agree that you understand and fully accept the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not understand or do not accept any provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, please leave the Website of Clavis Partners Ltd.

The Clavis Partners Ltd website must not be accessed by persons who (in particular on the basis of their nationality and / or residence) are subject to any jurisdiction prohibiting publication of the contents of the Clavis Partners Ltd website (for whatever reasons). Persons to whom these restrictions apply are not allowed to access the Clavis Partners Ltd website. Restrictions apply in particular to citizens and / or residents of the United States of America (USA), Great Britain, Japan and the Cayman Islands.

The content of the Clavis Partners Ltd website is for information purposes only. It does not constitute an invitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments or to conduct any other transactions. The Clavis Partners Ltd website does not serve as advice on investments or any other matter. Information available on the Clavis Partners Ltd website is unsuitable as a basis for decisions in legal, tax-related or other issues. Please contact a qualified expert for advice on making any such decisions.


The future performance of investment assets cannot be derived from past prices shown on the Clavis Partners Ltd website, i.e. the value of your investment may go down as well as up. Clavis Partners Ltd is not liable for any losses or damages under any circumstances, including any degree of negligence; these include (unreservedly) any direct or specific indirect consequential damages resulting from or in conjunction with access to or use, service or querying of the Clavis Partners Ltd website or any links to other websites, even if Clavis Partners Ltd was informed of the possibility of such damages.

Please consult with your tax advisor for details of the tax laws in the investor's domicile governing the holding of or the buying/selling of equities, fund units and other investment products and the relevant impact on taxation. If a legal relationship between the user and Clavis Partners Ltd results from the use of the Clavis Partners Ltd website, this is subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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