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Banking Services

Clavis Partners works together with the best Swiss and International Banks and Brokers that meet our standards of business excellence, ensuring our clients have a fully integrated, cost-optimized platform.

Private Banking

Our clients can choose their custodians out of our list of global and private banks reaching around the globe.

All our banks offer next to account and custody services also e-banking services and cross boarder compliant tax reporting.

Next to mortgages, we are able to offer lending solutions for yachts and planes.

Corporate Banking

Next to leading direct access platforms, we offer modern payment operations and credit lines. 

In collaboration with international banks, we can offer international account setups in financial centers from Monaco to Singapore. 

Having access to our partners will allow our clients to have a vast variety of treasury services to increase revenue and reduce counterparty risk.


Having accounts and investments in different banks or different corporations may lead to added administrational challenges.

With our fully integrated systems, we have all your financial holdings on one interface and daily consolidated.

This way we are able to not only reduce cost and time consumption, but also manage investments, lending and liquidity optimization across all of our clients' banks.

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