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Clavis Partners AG as a multi-family office is run by the family Mueller and their Partners in the third generation. 

Reaching back to the 1960s, a broad financial network with partners and friends evolved into the new foundation of Clavis Partners AG in 2019.

Over the past 60 years, we successfully navigated our valued clients through financial markets and family successions while investing our own assets alongside.

We bring together experts in finance and investment. Among the partners of the company are top managers of banks, auditors, analysts, and lawyers.


We are proud to service private and institutional clients from various industries and countries.

As we start with Wealth Management Mandates at CHF / USD / EUR 500’000.00, we clearly have the aim to grow with our clients from their early entrepreneurial stages until their succession planning.

Servicing not only the prime earner of the family but also their spouse and children from the beginning, ensures the engagement of whole family in the shaping of their assets and heritage.


Because of our independence and tailor-made service offering, we strive to anticipate change in regulatory and market frameworks to become a leading wealth manager for entrepreneurs and their families.

Through an active involvement and stringent risk management processes, we aim to ensure generational overlapping wealth protection. 


Combining our history in banking and finance with modern wealth management structures, we provide proven outperformance in times of market corrections.

Transparent pricing and active fee negotiations allow our clients to cut their costs while we consolidate their wealth and keep an eye on every aspect of their financial needs.


Every successful wealth management institution has their clients’ best interests in mind. By investing as a family for over three generations in the same investments as our clients, we demonstrate that that’s true.

Being completely independent means that we hold all our company shares ourselves and therefore have no need to think of third-party interests or quarterly and annual results. 

Our Values


Working with partners from every angle of the financial industry, our clients always have a choice of counterparties that resemble their beliefs.


Putting our clients and their needs in the center of our everyday business allows us to be their trusted advisor.


Staying ahead of regulatory and industrial changes allows us to anticipate change and plan sustainably for the generations to come.

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