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Private and corporate family office


Daily Market Update


Weekly Market Update



Investing alongside our family since 1960.

23.00 % in 2022

Proven outperformance

in market crashes.
Our core strategy outperformed the MSCI-World by over 42% in 2022.

over 360 years experience

Our team brings a combined experience of over 360 years to the table.

15 languages

Our team consists of 9 nationalities and speaks 15 languages.

over 46 Partners

Our custodians, brokers and external partners around the globe help us achieve your goals.



January 2024
We are happy to announce the joining

of Sofya Aslanyan.

Sofya is our right hand in all administrative areas, and she continues to develop her organizational talents.


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January 2024

We are happy to announce the joining of David Oganov.

David's areas of expertise include portfolio management, business planning, and market analysis. He will add valuable insights and know-how to our team.

About Us

With us, you benefit by obtaining comprehensive advice from a team of highly qualified professionals with a deep understanding of financial markets, legal frameworks, and most importantly, the individual needs of our clients. Thanks to our independence, we always represent solely the interests of our clients. 


We provide unbiased, transparent recommendations that are sustainable on a long-term basis.

How We Work

We facilitate the account opening and administration of our clients' accounts in our partner banks. Our clients can choose the custodians, that serve their needs the best and with whom they are the most comfortable.

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What We Do

Clavis Partners is an independent wealth manager, serving as a private and corporate family office, based in Zürich. Our international clients consist of high-net-worth individuals and their families, corporations and entrepreneurs with a wide range of investment goals.


We provide guidance and advice, sustaining our clients' wealth with tailor-made offerings that are transparent, professional and free from any conflict of interest.


Bespoke Wealth Management Solutions for families and companies. 

Our Benefits

Maximum Flexibility

Through our dynamic allocation process, we are able to react quickly to changing market trends, protecting our clients assets by being able to hold cash.

Stringent Risk Management

Our first priority at all times is our clients' asset security. Portfolios are administered with a stringent risk management and according to the ever-changing economic environment.

Cost Reduction

Through the long-term relationships with our custodians, we ensure that our clients get the best deal on the market. Our clients profit from a superior setup at lower costs, saving on custody and transaction fees.


As we do not need to be always completely invested, we can wait with patience until a set- up emerges and act with decisiveness and conviction when proper circumstances present themselves.

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"The key to unlock the greatest success in the financial world is independence."
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