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Our family office

In recent years, due to fast-changing regulations and vast financial services market offerings, it has become essential to have a Family Office.

Clavis negotiates on your behalf, securing you an integrated and cost efficient solution. Our aim is to deserve our clients' trust, so we are able to accompany them on all their personal and corporate ventures.

Based on our strong network and deep understanding of banks, legal frameworks, and the needs of our clients, we constantly evaluate the best alternatives to offer stable, long-term solutions to our clients – in a regulated and sustainable manner.

We manage our solutions actively, constantly coordinating with banks, lawyers, and regulators. We anticipate changes by following trends and developments in the legislative committees of the relevant jurisdictions. 

Having our interest aligned with our clients' at all times enables us to offer an integrated family office solution. Whether you entrust us with a single portfolio or with the total of your family holdings, we earn the deserved trust alongside you, every step of the way.

Clavis feels honored to collaborate with families and entrepreneurs from different industries and countries. Our clients range from high-net-worth individuals to institutional investors, whom we are proud to serve and accompany on their path.

Our mission is to offer our clients the best tailor-made solutions in financial markets. With this holistic approach, our independence is a crucial asset. When it comes to pricing, our transparency and sustainability are essential.

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